Re: PODXS Net???

Jerry N9AVY

There is a net on the low end of 20m. Heard it a couple times.  From what I've heard, it sounds a bit like organized  chaos.  Heard people trying to hold frequency when some started calling CQ on "their frequency" or propagation shifted and others on net couldn't any longer.
Used to operate a few nets on 10m and then it took a net control ( NC) with a lot of patience and skill. 10-10 nets are sometimes run with assistant NC operators in different areas of country. Propagation lately might make nets very difficult. With many undisciplined PSK  operator these days,  running a net would be challenging at best. 
My dos centavos worth ..
Jerry  N9AVY

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> So… we have something like 2000+ members in PODXS now… what do you all think about getting some kind of informal net started?

That brings up an interesting question I’ve had for a while.. how do you run a net over PSK31? Is it workable?

David, K9DWR
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