Today's Funny Story


Since I moved up here to Canada I have been operating in sort of a temporary set up. Shack in a bedroom and a dipole stuck up on a wooden fence about 8 feet high.I have logged on my /VE3 call well over 700 QSO's in the year I have been up here with 98% being digital.

So as the bands have faded in recent weeks I began wondering if I was having antenna issues. Every ham I meet up here when they see or hear about my set up say, no wonder you cant get out, your antenna is just too low, Your patterns are all out of whack, you need to get higher up, etc.  I have no trees in back so I am looking to get a small tower or something in the next few weeks, but that is another story.

I get adventurous and climb the roof of the house yesterday and string me up another 20M dipole along the top.  I put it place with blocks and angle it well.  I climb down the roof in great anticipation of hearing the world just open up to me. I think, man there will be traces all over the waterfall.

I turn on rig, hook up antenna tune her up and walla...a slight trace or two, I switched back and forth between antennas and guess difference. Disappointed in my findings I go disconnect everything on the new antenna and hook back up to my fence post dipole.

A little bit later I see a DX trace...and I work OD5KU, Lebanon, with 599 both ways. There is no way you can get out with that antenna....haha.  Moral of the story, when the bands are dead they are dead, when they work well you get my drift.


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