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I tried to upload my eQSL's last night from HRD.  They were uploaded, but something went wrong and it didn't update my HRD as being sent.  I have HRD setup to auto-send after the QSO, but it still showed not sent.  Weird.  

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That's what I got  x 8   today and 4 or 5 yesterday !   Probably don't know there's a problem yet.  Wait until all the EU stations start complaining
Good ol' LoTW keeps chugging along !

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I got one too.  It came across as a needed cfm but when I filled in and sent it said that it was a dupe.
Weird for sure.

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I too got a bunch of dups over the last couple of days.  But I did get a notice that eQSL had updated their software to include the new WSJT-X FT-8 mode.  Maybe a bug in the new coding created these dups.  Who knows?  I just rejected as dups without notifying.

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