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All of the recent posts about PSK31 operators sending stuff like .  Why do they not know what they are sending out over the air?

I started years ago with PSK31 using MixW software and have stuck with it as it does the job for me.  I always see on my monitor what I am sending whether using macros or when I'm typing.

I guess other software does not have this feature by default or similar?

If I understand why it happens, I may be able to occasionally assist them with getting up to speed.  As has been mentioned, some of these folks cannot be helped as they already know it all, but most are just trying a new mode or new software.

Then there are others who send their call as in brackets.  My software does not recognize that as a call sign so I have to cut and paste it or type it in to make a QSO with that station.  Why do some stations send their call in brackets?

Happy Radio!  73,

Bill #1688

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