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Steve W3HF

Joe -

Likewise. I saw your call pop us as you worked the SE station, but never saw your trace. Seems to me the band was pretty long last night, at least at that time. I had pretty good copy on stations over 1000 miles away (other than Jon WX5NCO), but not the close-in ones.



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Steve W3HF,

I know that you were on 40m last night because I could see the hams talking to you but nada on your end from here.
That is unusual because 40m usually works well locally most of the time.
There's just no accounting for what is going on up there. I get Canadian special event stations in Ontario no problem but then see stations coming in from CA and end up working a station in the Czech Rep. with a 599. I've been on 40m more lately because 20m has been really bad here too.
Good thing I repaired the 40m radio when I did or I would be pretty high and dry here. ( That's "beached" for all you Navy guys) 

Hangin out on 40m.

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