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Ray Clements

Ham software suites such as Ham Radio Deluxe and DX Labs have gotten so complex that it is hard for anyone to understand all the intricacies. For a newcomer to either of these suites, the learning process can be daunting.
Then there is the old adage that real hams (or perhaps that is real men who are hams) do not read instruction manuals, so we get silly errors such as those noted previously in the thread. 


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Bill you are so correct .. have been a HRD user since the Simon era and I still refer to the manual. Lots of questions on all the forums are the same just a new day people will not even bother to do a search to see if the answer is before them. I think it is just a symptom of the times we live in. Ask and you shall be answered. 
73 Morris WA4MIT 

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