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Look for someone in Tifton, Cordele, Douglass, or Waycross.  Douglass and Waycross are out in the sticks, but Tifton and Cordele are a bit larger and have more active hams.





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Mike -

Thanks, but drat!  I only need EM71 and EM81 to finish GA.  Let me know if you start thinking road trip!


Jerry - 

I worked Gary K4GZ PSK31 on 7/7/2016 about 14:20 UTC on 20m for EM91bt.  I don't find him on the 070 member list, but his QTH was Ludowici, GA.  Only EM91 I've ever worked on any mode.  Might try to look him up.  One other thing...I was /P from Glacier National Park, MT.  YPMV.  (Your propagation might vary.)


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