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Bill Morton


I have been a Beta tester for HRD for well over 12 years (yes back to the Simon days). I help lots of hams with their set up here in Georgia and across the US for that matter as my give back to the hobby. The one thing I have found that every question I have been asked is documented in the manuals – but one very important thing is necessary – they have to download them and read the manual. Typically, rather than just fixing the problem, I direct them to the right place to read about their problem and then I help them -  A bit harsh I know but it is just necessary or they will always be dependent.


I have just about every Ham Radio software suite on my Ham computer and all of them require a learning curve and some reading of a manual. Just the way it is. They all have their way of doing things. To each his own.


Not sure you could have done more than you did by telling him that he was not looking like a bright ham with blank macros. (they are simple to set up) However, you do have to set the program up right. These are the kinds of folks that get on EHam and flame a company because of their own lack of understanding and not doing the most basic thing – reading the instruction manual. My pet peeve.





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