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Ray Clements

I can understand a new user not knowing how to fill in the required profile information. What I cannot understand is how someone could continue to make contacts without realizing that the macros are sending incorrect information and then trying to correct the problem.

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HRD has an entry page to fill those fields. Fields such as call, QTH, name, grid, etc. Apparently, he's never filled in that data which leads me to believe he's a new HRD user.

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Tried to help out a station I was working today.  He was using HRD   and was sending "  Name:   qth    "  .  Told him he had problems, but he made no move to correct them by sending his name and QTH manually.  About 1/2 hour later  I see him working a W5 station with same corrupted macro.   Guess I wasted my time.
Don't use HRD, but am wondering if I could have been more helpful  or if I should have ignoredhim and moved on ?
Comments ???
Jerry  N9AVY

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