Thank You!



First off, I'd like to thank all of you that participated in recent
TARA PSK Rumble, "The Fall Classic." This rumble was our largest to
date and that is directly due to each of you.

Please keep in ind that we're still developing this rumble to make it
better for those that participate. In order to do this we depend
heavily on all of you. We need to hear as much input, good/bad, so
that we can make the changes that will continue to make this an
exciting contest for you, the participants! We've always said right
from the beginning that this rumble is your rumble, and we mean it.
Yes, TARA sponsors this event, but without all of you...we have
nothing! So, please take a few minutes and drop us an e-mail on what
you'd like to see in the upcoming rumbles.

I'd like to be perfectly up front with you folks, we need your help!
We need assistance from any of you that could help us spread the word
of this event. Ernie, WM2U, has spent hundreds of hours working on
this rumble format and that doesn't enclude the amount of time he
spends sending out notices to the many world-wide publications that
each of you read and Internet sites too. If you could help us I'd
like to hear from you.

This was the first time for the 'new' Team Challenge format and I
think it went extremly well. We've already noted a few things that
need attention but on the overall we were pleased, how about you?
Please tell us what you think of the team challenge?  I'd like to
thank all of the teams that participated and the banter here on this
news group and a few others made the Rumble a lot more fun.  

I'd like to personally thank the amount of support that we received
from the PODXS 070 Club. As many of you know, they sponsored a couple
of teams from their large organization of PSK'ers. Plus the PODXS
boys have done it again. This is now a collectors item. Checkout:  Many thanks to the guys at
WorldRadio Magazine. Each member of the winning TEAM CHALLENGE, and
the Top Placed winner in the Novice category, will each receive a One
(1) year FREE subscription. And then we had Jim, VE9WH, who
personally donated 1 Bag of New Brunswick Dulse, that will be awarded
to the First Place Winner of the "Normal Category." We certainly
appreciate all of these offers.

One thing I'd like to see is for a lot of you to take the challenge
back to your local radio clubs. I'd like to see more of a presence
from clubs such as the Anatolian Radio Amateurs Association Trabzon -
TA7KB, who worked the contest for the very first time. There are a
lot of clubs from around the world with callsigns and we'd like for
you to get your local club involved and put your club callsign on-the-
air for all to see!

In closing I must take a few lines and let you know about TARA's
secret weapon.  Ever since we first sponsored the Rumble 3 years ago,
we knew it would be a hit, if for nothing else because of the person
that keeps us all in line, Ernie Mills, WM2U A.K.A "Red Fred". This
guy is one of the hardest working guys that I've ever had the
pleasure to work with. As for myself, I'm a great procrastinator
which I know drives Ernie NUTS but he somehow puts up with me. His
attention to detail is second to none. Where he gets his drive from
remains a mystery to me! I've known him on many of nights to sit at
the keyboard and sift through 40, 50 and even up to 70 e-mails with
many needing replies. Does he ever complain, nope! Does he ever ask
for anything in compensation, nope! All he ever asks for is for all
of us to enjoy the fruits of his labor. You cannot imagine just how
happy this guy gets when he gets a few e-mails telling him "Ernie, we
enjoyed the Rumble and we'll be looking forward to the next one!"
Something as simply as that keeps my friend hard at work. Could you
do me a favor. Could you let my friend, and your friend too, know
that he has given his personal best, he's given us 100% in every
Rumble. You can e-mail him at  emills@...   If you don't
hear from me again, you'll know Ernie whooped the hell out of me for
asking you to do this! He's very modest!!

Thank You!
Bill Eddy - NY2U
President of Troy ARA

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