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Jerry N9AVY

Nah !   Need  EM91   and can't find anyone to finish off GA..
Jerry N9AVY

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On the off-chance anyone needs EM82 in middle Georgia, give me a shout.  There are several hams here who work PSK, but I’m here (with a lousy antenna) if anyone needs me.
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Just a word of caution ...
Keep in mind that this is a QRZ product  and many, many listings have wrong grid tied to call sign. Don't believe it when you see a station in OR  with a grid  for TX .
Just sayin' 
Jerry  N9AVY

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Here's a link to a grid square locator that I find very handy.  You can search by call, grid square (4 or 6 digit),  or address, city and state, or zip code.  Pops up a map showing the location with a very handy zoom in, zoom out feature.  
Rick - N7WE
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