Jerry N9AVY

Still kind of old-fashioned type and I like to see lists for things I'm chasing.  So, using Excel I made a list of all the grids I still need .. about 140 or so.  This way I can see at a glance what grids I need while operating. There's probably a way to do it on computer, but I like seeing stuff right in front of my eyes without having to bounce back and forth on computer screens.  Anyhow, this is what works for me.
The old list was terribly out of date because I was lax on checking grids off when I worked them. Don't expect to work many more or ever finish endorsement. I don't usually rely on QRZ or even the station for correct grid. QRZ is terribly inaccurate...  don't believe everything you read on QRZ !
It was fun making up list while I was waiting for freezer in garage to defrost ... it looked like Antarctica inside !  Took a couple hours, but it's done for another year.  Which reminds me that all to soon it will be "antenna maintenance"  time.  Check all those connections for loose wires/bolts , ground connections, cracks/holes in coax and all the other stuff no one wants to go out in cold or in middle of contest to fix. 
Jerry  N9AVY

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