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If there were more OPS like you out there we would have far less confusion and agitaaah on the bands.
Your are setting a fine example for others.
Keep it up.

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Here's a bit I wrote some time ago as part of  "A Newcomer’s Guide to Operating PSK31"

New hams are generally advised to Listen, Listen, Listen.  But for PSK31 (and most other digital modes) the rule is Watch, Watch, Watch.  PSK31 is a visual mode.  On your computer screen you have a waterfall that displays signals on the band as well as text boxes that display sent and a received messages.  Instead of keying the mic and asking “Is the frequency in use?” or sending “QRL?” as we were taught to do for phone and CW operations, watch the waterfall for several seconds to make sure, make sure, no one is using that particular segment of the band. 
When you finish a transmission, glance at the waterfall to make sure your rig dropped out of the transmit mode.  You will see lots of transmissions where the text ends followed by nothing but carrier (a railroad track).  Often this happens when transmitting by direct keyboard typing (as opposed to macros) and the operator forgets to hit the stop button.  The transmitter remains keyed but no one can tell you since you aren’t in receive mode – similar to the “stuck mic” problem on phone.  The habit to develop is to always glance at the waterfall at the end of a transmission.

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