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Jerry's right.  If you want to run up your endorsement scores just enter a few contests.
You'll be surprised at how fast they will climb and you'll have fun meeting up with other club members as well.
KA1PPV #1482

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Timing is everything.
The N American QSO Party RTTY is Saturday.
Of course it is during the CQ VHF Contest. When this contest was on these dates 11 years ago (similar point in the Solar Cycle), 6 Meters never closed in the midwest US and there were also occasional 2 Meter Es openings. I worked 50 QSOs in 2 hours just search and pouncing that first evening.
So if conditions like this week on 6M continues into the weekend, then I should have an opportunity to bring the numbers up. Actually I am hoping for good VHF conditions to complete additional VUCC's.
Hamming can be a struggle at times... hi hi

73 Art KA5DWI #2518 AZ

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