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Jerry N9AVY

Some folks just can't read what's in front of them...
Jerry  n9avy

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Subject: [070] Using First Names, OM, YL, etc

Being named Paula, when there is any QSB I often get called Paul, since most expect a male on the radio. So in my initial introductory macro, I say
“Name is Paula Paula (YL)” so hopefully that helps. But some don’t even read what I send, and still come back with Paul. But at least my friends know who I am!
Paula K7PAX #1759

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Wow !   Didn't expect to get whole lot of answers from my little question.  Thanks everyone !!!
So, it looks as though QRZ and other call sign downloading programs are to blame for the impersonal/rudeness of many stations sending first and last names in the exchange.  Also, those who write the software  like HRD/DM780 and perhaps others.  Also, the operators who use HRD and do not know that it's changeable in the menu.  I know I have downloaded that feature with N3FJP, but it doesn't do that over the air because all my logging is do ne on MixW. 
In order to change QRZ name, you have to go to FCC or Industry Canada and make required changed on their sites because QRZ and others download their info from those sites.  That how I made my change from Jerald  to Jerry (my Mother only called my Jerald when she was mad at me !).
This is probably another  thing that should be covered in the FAQ/manual on the 070 home page,
I have MixW configured so that when I work someone again, their name, QTH and date of last QSO comes up. Hope  it makes them feel more at ease.  If it was for software doing that, I'd be lost with over 13,000  digital contacts in the log !
Had a business phone the other day from a "Sean or Shawn" and I was asked a question to which I answered politely "yes sir" and the answer came back  that Shawn was a woman.  She had a deeper voice than most women , I profusely apologized ! 
When working some DX, because of the name given and the simple fact there's no voice to go on, we just have to guess.  Which is why I try to avo id using  OM/YL.
Maybe when some replies with my full name , I should substitute "Dear Sir or Madam " ,  hi !  hi ! (telegraphic laugh like LOL)
Jerry  N9AVY

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Subject: [070] Question ?

Lately I've been working a lot of station  who when answering a call, send both my first and last names ?   What's up with this ???   It seems to not be in the Amateur Radio tradition of just sending one's first name.  Seems to me kind of like junk mail and very impersonal.  
Just curious...
Jerry N9AVY

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