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Jerry N9AVY

Granted the operators are mostly to blame for taking everything at face value and not questioning it.
Look up grid squares on QRZ.  Was looking one grid up and there were many who weren't even in the same state as the grid listed.  There are many errors of that type on QRZ.
I really think there are sloppy operators who are either lazy or uninformed... or maybe both.  Some just want to get on the air and maybe lots of contacts to get awards, but really care little about anything else. 

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Jerry -

I don't blame the web sites like QRZ. I like being able to pull up a QRZ listing during a QSO, either to figure out exactly where someone is, or identify the grid square, or just read a bio.

I put some of the blame on the software, specifically the default macros which seem to be chosen to highlight all the capabilities of the software (and not necessarily be good operating practice).

But the real blame is the operators who blindly accept the default macros, and don't think about whether they make sense. Maybe they don't know how to change the macros? Or don't realize how obnoxious they are? Or don't care? Regardless, it's the operators that actually key the transmitters that send these ridiculous drivel who are ultimately to blame.


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