Re: Question ?

Steve W3HF

A couple of comments on name changes in the FCC ULS.

- Yes, it can be done. It's possible that the change is made at the FRN level and not the license level, so it might affect any licenses tied to that FRN.

- FCC is a little lax in that it doesn't require your legal name (like a passport would), but lets you use simple nicknames (like Jerry for Jerald).

- Interestingly, they also do not require a full given name. It's possible to force their system to list a first initial and a middle name. Check out club member K9VIC for an example.

- I guess by combining #2 and #2 above, it may be possible for Buddy WB4M to be listed as F. Ray Ashley. (I can't think of a way to get it to list "Buddy" as the name.)

- Name changes like this are as easy to file as address changes.



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