Re: PSK31 Technical Info on PODXS Website?

Hey Jim,
Would that be Gulf Coast or Golf Coast.
There was a little QSB on your last. Hi Hi HI
Have fun!!!

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I agree Jim !
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The website would be the best place for ALL hams to get information. The reflector is members only!

BTW still on vacation, gulf coast is great. 

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There's a files section on the yahoogroup  for this info.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Hello Folks,

This 070 Reflector continues to provide members with all sorts of good information about PSK31 operating.  I wonder if we might consider a more prominent spot on the PODXS 070 Club website to assist PSK31 operators and potential operators with some of this good information?  Sort of a catch all for the important stuff.  I see our club as being one of the premier PSK31 organizations in the world who could assist operators and encourage more hams to try this fun mode.

Some suggestions based on recent posts:
Setting up sound to configure a PC to work with USB controlled radios..this might just be a series of links to good sites..keep the beeps off the air.
PSK31 operating in contests..the good and bad of macros and working DX stations.  
Recent PSK31 Field Day complaints with over-powered and maladjusted stations.  (A short article in QST sometime in 2018 might help mitigate some of this.)
PSK Frequencies..this comes up fairly often..what is the PSK31 frequency for 6 meters or 160 meters etc.  There is a band folks find it.
Help with the contest scorer and awards scorer..seems the same questions come up over and over again from newer members.
Maybe have a technical editor for the club or similar..someone with a good handle on PSK31 operating, software etc.

Just some suggestions..

Thanks and Happy Radio!

Bill N4GBK #1688 LONP #252

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