Re: PSK31 Technical Info on PODXS Website?

Rick - N7WE

Bill, Jerry, Jim, et al....

I agree.  This could be a great contribution to the PSK world.  Steve W3HF has provided a great start with his articles in the FAQ section of the website.  And I also agree, it should be on the website, not just the 070 Yahoo Group.  That way it would be available to all hams.

Some of the questions that come to mind are:
1.  How would potential postings be submitted?
2.  Who would they be submitted to?
3.  What would be the review process before a submission was posted?  (Wouldn't want to post wrong information - there is already enough plain wrong stuff on the Web - IMHO!) 
4.  Should it be an extension of the FAQs or a new separate Tech Section
5.  Who would post approved items to the website? (I don't know who is webmaster for the site these days, but they would certainly have to be involved in posting up articles.  Do they have the time to do so?)
6.  How would the postings be maintained/updated as things change?

If this were a go, I've got a few write ups from things I've learned (like how to log portable ops from multiple sites to LoTW, how to record Tx power in HRD logbook, how to create Alarm Files for DM780 from the Membership and LONP list, etc.) that I could offer up.

Any thoughts on if or how to move this forward?

Rick - N7WE
070 - #1602

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