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Also, when someone gives their name, and it is different from the lookup prefill, I immediately change the log to reflect what they sent, and HRD logbook remembers that name for the call on subsequent log entries. Also, any macros used during the QSO automatically pick up my change. That way I can keep it sorta personal, even when using macros.

Paula K7PAX

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Good point Paula

at least QSOs with you are all kybd and no macros.
Keep up the good work.


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It’s the software – when it is set to do a QRZ lookup, it pulls first and last name. At least in HRD, there is a setting to use first name only in the macros.
But if you don’t have the box checked, it will be first and last name by default. And folks new to ham radio don’t know the traditions . . . I guess we should be glad they are wanting to use our name at all!


Paula K7PAX

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