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F.R. Ashley

Macros that insert your name is nothing new. But just love it when I get a 73 macro with my first name, middle initial, and last name inserted. I also have never gone by my first name, and have had the nickname of Buddy since I was a little boy.  Those who do use my real name use my middle name.  I also don't call anyone by their name until they tell me at the start of a QSO, they need to properly introduce themselves!

73 Buddy WB4M

On 7/13/2017 10:01 AM, mwbesemer@... [070] wrote:

Similar to macros that automatically populate the 'name' field from a callbook lookup.

When I first got this call, I became 'Charlie' for several years until all the websites had updated.  Now I'm 'Michael' - which I've never been called by anyone.

Personally, I won't call someone by name in a QSO until they give it to me; I don't address them at all until I get a name, lest I used the traditional 'OM' when I actually have a YL on the other end. 

'Back in the day', most of us didn't consider it a good contact unless we copied RS(T), Name, and QTH.  Unfotunately, many (most) of the old traditions are gone.  Some folks get upset if you want a 'real' QSL card from them; when I got my ticket, a QSL was considered 'the final courtesy' of a QSO and nearly everyone sent them for every contact.  Now it's pretty much LOTW or nothing. 

We've got more modes, better radios, and neater toys these days, but we're missing something really important.

Mike (not Michael, Charles, or Charlie)

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