Re: PSK31 Technical Info on PODXS Website?

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I agree!

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Don't think I've ever run across any PODXS members who aren't good operators,  but  think it would be a good  idea to print up some standards which should be used as guidelines. 
PODXS could be the "standard bearer"  for PSK31  operation.
Jerry  N9AVY

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Bill -

There actually is at least some of that stuff on the web site already. It's under the "Frequently Asked Questions" menu pick in the nav bar on the right. There are pages for "Intro to PSK", "PSK31 Frequencies",  and "PSK31 Hardware and Software." But they are kind of dated. Some info doesn't change much (technical description of PSK, even the PSK frequencies), but the hardware/software page is pretty old, and some of the links probably are broken. I should know--I think I was writing these pages about nine years ago!

I don't think we've ever put any sort of "good operating practices" on the web site, whether it's contesting, or DXing, That's mostly been on the email reflector. 

I think your idea is a good one, though. Aside from updating (or replacing) the original pages, I think adding some operating writeups would be good. The problem may be that the definition of "good" is not universal. As the discussions on the reflector have proved, there are just as many people who will say "no one can tell me how to write my macros!" as there are those who ask for suggestions. Of course, that doesn't stop many of us from offering our suggestions when someone asks. 

I actually think that there have been some good emails posted to the reflector that could form the basis for some reference web pages. The problem may be digging them out. 


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