Re: Station Setup Improvements for Digital Modes


I have zero CW skills due to shakes and industrial deafness. Would this kit allow me to do some CW from my kybd. 

On Wed, Jul 12, 2017 at 11:09 AM, n7we1980@... [070] wrote:

I have not used the computer generated CW - but I should.  Don't do CW as I can't hear well and my hands shake.  But I have been looking into the K1EL K42 CW Keyboard Kit.  It gets rave reviews on eHam, does keyboard CW direct (no interface needed), and has a decoder/display built in.  You never see them listed for sale on the used market!  It looks like a fairly straight forward kit to build.  I'm thinking about saving my pennies to make it a project!  Hi hi.

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