New WSJT-X 1.7.1 - Was Station Setup Improvements for Digital Modes



I tried to find V1.7.1 but looks like only available to those if you can build WSJT-X from source code.
will have to eait for a while.

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Tried to respond off-list to your email from QRZ and it bounced.  So here it is on list!


You said you are using a SignalLink for an interface.  I've been using microHAM interfaces since I got into PSK in 2006.  Right now I'm using the microHAM USB III for two reasons.  First, even though it costs more, it has a better sound card than the SignalLink (better decode), and second (the major factor for me) it handles rig control communications with the K3 which the SignalLink does not do.  Thus using HRD software gives me full computer control of the rig and logging, as well as the most digital modes (but not WSJT modes) through DM780.  For JT modes (there is a new WSJT-X out yesterday that has a new mode - FT8!) having rig control through the microHAM allows me to run WSJT-X (all modes) direct - no HRD.  


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