Re: Commemorative Special Events


I checked 20m but the condx on that band have been awful lately.

I moved to 40m and I saw you calling CQ in several places so I tried about a dozen times but you couldn't hear me.

( Or you just didn't want to talk to me hi hi hi)

Your sig was barely above the noise but I was able to copy OK.

I saw your special event card on QRZ. Very nice indeed so I will keep looking for your call on 20m & 40m.

I usually can tell when I have a chance if I see some stations from "6" land.

I tried to work a station from Idaho (K7ETE) but no joy there either.  The sigs on north/south routes were strong though. (Canada Ontario- NC- Cuba but nothing much going East/West.)


Joe (slave of the Sun)

KA1PPV  #1482

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