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Marty Grove

I'll ditto everything the other OM's said regarding the SignaLink.  The SignaLink is a nice unit and I use mine whenever I am working remote ops with my Icom IC-7000.  But at home, using my TS-590S I simply use the data mode and all the the 'audio' for digital work rides over the USB cable that plugs into my PC. 

I don't own an Elecraft (nice rig, by the way) but I know of several people who do and have had great success using the direct USB connection method.  So I vote making that the first change to your digital station.

Marty - KJ4LQX

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Many of the newer radios have a sound card built in.
I have a Icom 7600 connected directly to the computer via USB.
A single  USB cable connects both as a COM port and as a sound card.
It sure makes digital modes easier than having to set up USB to COM adapter for rig control and a sound card modem such as a Signalink, Rigblaster, etc.


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I run JT65 and PSK31 and do NOT use any Sound Card device (ie. SignaLink, RigBlaster etc.). KX3 connected via USB cable direct to the laptop I use for portable operations. Might try to set up without using any of those devices. I also use only DXLabs as my rig control as well as logging etc. so my setup would be very similar to what you have.


Make sure you download the latest drivers and software updates from Elecraft for your radio, if there are any.


It appears everyone is under the impression that a SignaLink etc. is required to operate the newest of radios. I have found out very, very few of them actually require a SignaLink or comparable device in between the radio and the computer.


I’m Just Sayin’

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I'm looking for ways to improve my station setup when it comes to digital. 


I've done mostly PSK31, I've also done JT65, and even less RTTY. 


I have an Elecraft K3, connected to a Tigertronics SignaLink USB and into DX Lab Suite.


I do not want to change my logging software. But, I get some strange things using this setup for JT65. It often times does not STOP Tx. So I can manually turn transmit on and off. This wasn't always the case, so I've tried messing with settings. I'm also not sure if the Signalink is giving me the best signal possible. 


What items would you change in this setup? What Software do you use for JT65?


I've been away from the list for a long time. We started finishing the basement at the end of last year...where the shack is. The nice thing, the basement is done and I have enough power for 2 HF Amplifiers, but no amp. =) Looking to get back into the modes and digital I prefer. Would love to do CW using the computer if anyone has some input on how to do that well.



Bryon Densley, W7RIV

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