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No apology needed.  I got the joke.  We, in the lower 48, actually do have a sense of humor,

I thought that is was funny that it was the exact call of a US Navy station that I remembered from my SWL days. Sounds like Jim did a lot of communicating in his Navy days.  Wow.

You have to admit that the site is quite impressive. 

I'm still trying to get your special event card because It's quite unique to say the least.  The only problem is that the prop isn't in my favor yet.  I will definitely keep looking.

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OK Guys
Time for me to apologize.
I took Jerry's Not at All and suggested NAA with no idea that it was a legit call allbeit not amateur.
I was trying to make a joke.
I dont think it was any lamer than Jerry suggesting my call was 40M only.
VB7 is a legit prefix for Canada area 7(BC) and 150 is a legit suffix anywhere except the USA which interprets the suffix to be alpha character ( again I think)
VB7 150

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I was stationed at NSB, NBQ, NPH, NKW, NCXF, NEOT, AND NFFS over my career as a Navy Radioman.


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