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Nope.  Can't use NAA.

That's the call sign of the U.S. Navy VLF site in Cutler Maine.
It was constructed in 1960 and went OTA in 1961.
If you're into looking at super antenna farms or really big tuning parts check out:

There is a ton of pics and great info.

I have a QSL card from them when I was a SWL dated July 4, 1969 on 7455khz CW. ( For you younger Hams that's when they had a ton of coastal CW stations around the globe that you could practice your CW on in prep for your license upgrade.)  Those were the days. Now no costal stations and no code tests.

"The times they are a changing."  (Sorry Bob)

KA1PPV #1482

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You have it correct.   Many of those stations who claimed to work you probably didn't listen carefully as you probably were working another station and they just assumed the "599" was for them.  That happens a lot more in contest style operations.  Just reject/ignore them.

Would think you would be okay IDing as  "K2J/WB4M"  as that would indicate to me that control operator was WB4M.  Don't know how that would work for QSLing, but if 13c rules say not to, then they will prevail. But I think on the air FCC Part 97.119 will have to be followed.
 Hope you had fun !
Jerry  N9AVY

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Works both ways Jerry,
I was one of the K2J ops in the 13 Colony event.  I'm getting eQSL's from people I never worked, on band modes I did not work.  I guess the senders got the list of ops and just blanket send QSLs hoping for a match.
13C ops supposed to use the K2# and not like WB4M/K2J, etc.. and not supposed to upload to LoTW or eQSL with their own call attached to the 13 call.   I did have maybe 2 requests to work me with my own call and the 13C call also, which is fine.  If I rec'd a QSL from K2#/W###, I'd reject it.
73 Buddy WB4M

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Had the same thing happen in past years and that is why  I no longer work 13 colonies.  Kept sending one guy Eqsls telling him his call wasn't in log.  Either they work you with the 1x1 call or the use the 1x1 with their own call with the slash bar.  Think I read somewhere that they only had to ID once an hour, BUT the is against FCC Part 97.

Confusing too say the least !
Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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While we are on this subject, here is an observation. I worked the 13 Colony Event and got all 13 stations. Now I am getting QSL requests from the operators call from at least two of the states. Well, I don't know who I worked, all I know is I worked K2A, K2B, etc. Not everyone ID as there own call.

It's just adding to the confusion. K2B was the only station that ID as a K2B/operator call.  Just an observation.


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