Shipping QSLs

Jerry N9AVY

Tried to figure this out shipping QSLs via direct to bureaus in Europe or via ARRL.
Have a total of 8.3 ounces of cards ready to be shipped.  If I ship them via ARRL Outgoing Bureau, it will be a cost of $17.35.
Now, if I separate out  the cards for DL, I, and JA that will remove 4.6 oz.  from the original 8.3 oz  which will leave 3.7 oz. to ship via ARRL.  However, the cost of the bureau shipments will come up to $7.40.
Adding this all up, I end up with a grand total  of $18.54 for shipping to bureaus and ARRL.   So it would appear that I've spent an extra buck trying to save a buck.   Forgot to figure in the cost of shipping to ARRL which probably is a few bucks more; so it appears that I may have saved a buck or two.  Think ARRL figured this all out so they are probably look like the cheaper way to go.
Guess I need to do more research on this.
Jerry  N9AVY

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