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I decided to put one of my photographs on my card.  I wanted something that said NEW ENGLAND so I think that fall foliage does well in that regard.
Someday if I move to AZ I'll replace it with a cactus. hi hi.

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The QSL Card thread had changed so here are some additional comments.

I respond to QSL card requests as a courtesy to other ham operators.  (Except for that guy in Cuba who has sent me 10+ cards direct and that guy in France who has sent me 15+ cards via the bureau, I respond to each and every request.  I've sent both of them multiple cards but not duplicates for the same PSK31 QSOs.)

I want my cards to be attractive.  I design the front to help promote things that I am passionate about.  My latest cards have something about NC aviation history and US Coast Guard aviation.  I get them from the same place that Jerry gets his.  1000 cards for under $100.00 delivered.

All of my information is on the other side of the card.  There is no reason to have to flip it over and over to see any of the QSO details.  The back side of the card is a standard form from the card vendor.

All bureau cards are sorted with the back side up showing everything needed to get them moving through the network.

I really don't care whether my cards get permanently stashed in a shoe box or get more prominently displayed in someone's shack.  I'm having fun with ham radio.

Happy Radio and have a great weekend!

Bill N4GBK #1688 FM16


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