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I'm still holding out for K2M in PA.  I still don't have my home State of CT.  He has only been on 20m and we are too close to work right now.  He was running PSK63 but it was extremely faint.  I'm hoping that he jumps down on 40m like some have in the evening.  K2G has really been cranking them out.  I'll bet they come in with the most Q's.
There's still time so hang in there.
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Thanks Steve and Joe.  I had no joy yesterday.  Am continuing to try today...but it is all done by midnight EDT tonight.  Not too promising from here.  Looks like heavy thunderstorms and lightning will shut me down again this afternoon and early evening.  Oh well, that is what happens this time of year in central Florida.  I'm just staying home and sweating with the oldies this summer.  Wait a minute....drat!......I am one of those oldies!

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