Re: 10-10 International QSO Party


HI Marty,
PropNET is just an adhoc group of Hams that have been doing real time propagation reporting for over 15 years. It once used AX.25 on 6 Meters and in 2004 got smarter, switched to PSK31, developed software, used LiveX to warehouse sent and received formatted packets and make real time reporting maps. In 2010, the ability to report on captures of non-PropNET PSK31 was added.

They are not affiliated with any other groups, but I would put their reporting as good as and better that all of the others. It is highly accurate and has very minimal errors.
On 10 Meters, you will find no less than 10 active PropNET stations during the Es season, usually many more.
We usually run no more than 10 watts, most less (I run 5) and besides our timed formatted packets (call, 6 character grid square, PHG code) we also have our Robots turned on.  It's a good way to find out if you are getting out. 
You can find us on any band, but the most popular are 10, 30 and 6 Meters.  FCC rules only allow us to operate near PSK31 activity on those 3 bands. On 10 Meters we operate at 28.1188 MHz +1500 Hz. 

I have been active with them off and on since 2004.  You will find a number of research papers and Blog posts I have written about 10-Meter propagation linked on the website. They are all mathematical/statistical based. I am a retired Banker and Math educator. I like to dazzle and baffle everyone with charts.

They are always looking for participants.

73 Art KA5DWI/7 #2518

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