Re: 10-10 International QSO Party

Marty Grove

How in the  *!@&$@  did I not ever run across PropNET before??? 

Thanks Art for the tip.  I wonder how they get their data (is it from spotting clusters)?  I'll need to look that up.  I typically look at sites like WSPR to see if their any band openings... I'll be adding PropNET to my arsenal now. 

Marty - KJ4LQX

On 07/06/2017 06:37 PM, ka5dwi@... [070] wrote:

Hi Marty,

I have been seeing a few CQs out here in Arizona on my 10 Meter PropNET operation (28.1188 MHz).
Like you said, by the time I see them and look for them, they have been gone.

The sun has been a bit of a pill this week. Solar winds have been pretty disturbed.
Be patient. I think by the weekend it will improve or at least a few more on.

I hope to get on a little tomorrow and Saturday myself. Check PropNET to see real-time reports.
The band is a little open now. 22:30 UTC

73 Art Jackson KA5DWI Arizona
#2518 10X#40849 

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