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Bill Garwood

I think we have concluded the ARRL Bureau is still the way to go as they are about the only game in town to batch send cards to most places on the planet.  I now only use the outgoing bureau to respond to QSL requests of other stations.  If it is a card I need for awards chasing, I send those direct or use OQRS or whatever method the DX station requires.  If it costs me a few dollars, that is part of chasing DX.  I used to send out maybe 20 or 25 cards at a time every few weeks.  With the ARRL price increase, I'm now sending a much larger batch of cards less frequently.  Will probably end up with three mailings in 2017.

There is another route for QSLing,  I have not used them but I occasionally get a card from them included in the cards that come from the W4 Bureau.  What is interesting is they are sending me some US cards.  I guess they are sent from overseas so that is how they do it.  The US cards are at least one year old so it is not very fast.
You only pay for the amount of cards you use, no loss of cards. Don't waste time, enjoy ham radio and the fun of getting QSL cards without the burden of writing them.
Y'all have fun and I'll see you on the waterfall.

Happy Radio!

Bill #1688  FM16 in NC

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I think Jerry covered it pretty well.  An 070 Bureau would be neat, but entirely too time/money/resource consuming to be feasible.


Matt King
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Had that conversation with another member over the weekend. 
Spent 16 years working with ARRL Incoming QSL Bureau; so I have some idea about bureaus. Put in 8 to 16 hours a month just keeping up with the sorting and mailing.  Incoming QSLs at Bureau have fallen off by as much  as 50% or more in past 16 years ; undoubtedly due to LoTW, Eqsl,, HRD and other such services.
To put it plain and simple as I can, it's not a feasible idea because of the costs and time involved in the sorting and mailing of the cards.  Someone would have to sacrifice many hours of their time to organize and keep it running. The cost of international postage would have to be charged to someone and I doubt the PODXS has sufficient funds to fund such an operation.
Think it would be best to use ARRL Outgoing Bureau or try to ship cards to various DX Bureaus.  BTW, ARRL Outgoing/Incoming Bureaus only accept QSLs for USA stations if they're coming from DX stations outside U.S.; so if you send QSLs to other stations in US you will have to use snail mail.
Please note that there are many DX countries which do not have bureaus , but if they do they require that stations in that be members (like Germany , DARC Bureau, only members cab receive QSLs ...  have had a number a returned QSLs recently from DARC). Add to this the fact that bureaus are notoriously slow and one can wait a year or more for their QSL to be answered. (My record is 38 years from a Russian !)
PODXS running its own bureau would be ill-advised and would certainly be a large money sucking hole. This is probably something has looked into at one time or another . 
Hope I covered this subject. It's 4 am here and I'm probably not to coherent.
Jerry  N9AVY  #454

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Have the higher ups ever considered starting a QSL Bureau for 070?


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