Re: 13 Colonies


im still looking for k2a and k2h..
Brian K9WIS

---- "'F.R. Ashley' [070]" <> wrote:

Hi guys,

Anyone needing NC (K2J) for the 13 Colonies Event, any band, shoot me an
email for sked. Bands lousy right now, almost no activity except for 20
meter PSK. Of course happy to work you any other mode also.

73 Buddy WB4M


On 7/3/2017 9:50 AM, '' [070] wrote:

Turn it in for sure.
I have actually won the QRP division in two separate QSO Parties with
only 1 contact each.
You just don't know how far you can move up the food chain when condx
are less than optimal.

GL 73
KA1PPV #1482

On Monday, July 3, 2017 9:30 AM, "Jonathan Wilson [070]" <> wrote:

No worries, we have a week to upload the logs after all.

I seem to have been doing the math wrong in my head, thinking I only
worked 6 hours.... My best score is based starting at 2200.

Again, many thanks!
Jonathan KC1BOS

On 7/2/2017 9:59 PM, <> [070] wrote:
Sorry, we had company for dinner so I didn't get a chance to look
until now.

The issue is that you operated for more than six hours--you started
at 2000z and ended at 0411z. That's over eight hours. You need to
pick the best six-contiguous hours. You can either do the analysis
yourself, or let the checker decide for you. Just upload multiple
times selecting different start times: 2000z, 2200z, and 2300z.
(Since you had no QSOs during the 2100z hour, that wouldn't be a good
starting time.) Then do one final upload with the version that scores
the best.

My guess (without doing the math) is that 2200z will be best. You
only have one QSO during the 0400z hour, so that's not likely to be
worth more than the QSOs you will lose for skipping the 2200z hour.
And you only had five QSOs in the 2000z hour--starting at 2000z means
you lose the 11 QSOs during the 0300z hour. The "catch" might be the
multipliers, as I didn't look at that.


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