Re: Shipping QSLs ?

Steve W3HF

Yes. I've done it a few times, and I'm considering doing it in the future for the same reason you suggest.

I haven't done the math recently, but even under the old fees (without the $7 per order surcharge), it was close to break-even with going through ARRL. With the current charges, the scales will absolutely tip. The key will be sending full one-ounce envelopes to the bureaus.

Let's say you send a full one-pound package to Newington. You'll pay $1.15 per ounce (times 16 ounces), plus $7, plus the actual postage (maybe $3 or $4 depending on rate). 

If you can break this up into 16 one-ounce packages to individual bureaus, you just pay 16 times $1.15. You save the $7 fee plus the postage to Newington.

So it would behoove a small group of friends to pool their outgoing cards, and ship them collectively to the individual bureaus. Perhaps there's a subset of other countries that we'd rarely accumulate the 8-9 cards necessary to make a full ounce, but it's probably still better to send 2 or 3 cards to a bureau.


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