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Jerry N9AVY

Just trying to figure out an alternative if I should decide to drop ARRL membership. ( Some of use here in area aren't very happy with some of the stuff that has been going on with the League. )    Up until I quit the 16 years of Incoming QSL Bureau , my cards were shipped through NIDXA (which runs 9th Incoming Bureau) at no charge.  
Just got a shipment of cards from Bureau ... about 30 cards... mostly German & Italian...  almost all PSK.  I've got into the habit of just filing the cards where there is no indication of "PSE" or "TNX" QSL with answering.  Have like 6 shoe boxes full of QSL from 336 countries.  Don't really need any more QSLs, but I will answer out of courtesy if they follow rules (hah, mine on QRZ page !). 
Well, I've another couple months to decide what to do.
Pretty sure I have all the endorsements cleaned up as of this morning.  Sure home JB  can keep up with me,  hi !
Still have that 5R8 stuff  which I don't know what to do with it.
I was doing a little survey of my own and found I'm not the only one who has trouble bring up LONP standings, looks be at least another dozen or so.

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Considering a Global Forever stamp is $1.15 and sends ONE ounce to most countries on a regular envelope (other than Canada, where it's two ounces), I'd think you spend more sending individual packets to individual countries, even IF the other country's bureau's would accept cards from an individual (which they may well not).

Granted, the ARRL did raise the outgoing Bureau rates, but it's still a very cheap way to send cards. With what we spend on our hobby on equipment and such, does it really make sense to quibble over such a small expenditure as Bureau fees?

Just my opinion...


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Was just thinking about the pile of QSLs I've been answering which are all stacked up on desk.  Guess I could send them via ARRL  which might run $20  or more since they raised fees. But am wondering if I might be better off (cheaper) sending cards to individual countries bureaus  (I have stacks of Italian & Germans QSLs sitting here) .  
Has anyone tried sending direct to bureaus ???  
TIA   Jerry  n9avy  #454

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