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Jerry N9AVY

Sorry I missed you.... was mostly doing search & pounce and chasing states where I needed grids.  Was also being "elitist" by avoiding 1x2 & 2x1 calls since most of them are "QSLing deadbeats" who only drag out those calls once a year for FD;  in past years have sent QSL via LoTW/Eqsl which have gone unanswered ... out of 94 only 10 LoTW confirmed so far.
Wasn't QRV  for as many hours as I would have liked, but make same observation that there were definitely more stations on this year than in years prior.  Think it's because it's a natural for GOTA stations who can handle the slower speed of PSK  and pick up 2 pts per contact rather than the 1 for SSB.
No entry to ARRL  for me either just send contacts to LOTW/Eqsl. 
BTW, heard lots of 8-landers on 20/40m so there was some propagation, but QRM was a problem because of many wide signals and people jumping on a frequency without checking if it was in use  (QRL ?).
Jerry  N9AVY

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I have used PSK for several years during Field Day. This year was the most users I have seen. Several years ago I only had maybe 20 PSK contacts but this year the screen was full for the entire time and on several bands. Very good propagation this year. I heard Jerry N9AVY and tried to call you but I think we were too close for propagation. I will probably not send mine in to ARRL but will do LOTW as soon as time permits.

Darl  NA8W

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