Re: 40m

Jerry N9AVY

You hit the nail on the head !!!   I believe 40 may be open a lot , but sits unused because everyone thinks it's dead.
40m was utilized  below 7070 down to at least 7069.  The upper end was utilized far above the usual band edge. There was also some activity on 80m during daylight hours.

"It's not a contest"  was blown out of the water when Dave Patton said, "If they give points, it's a contest !"
Jerry  N9AVY

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Yes, I did. The waterfall was full (a "waterfull"? No, I wasn't creative--it was a typo that I started fixing.) much of the day.

Frankly I don't think that propagation changed just because someone in Newington scheduled an "event". (Remember, it's not a contest.) Makes you wonder what might happen if more of us used that band when we didn't think there was anyone to talk to.


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