Re: Closing the Books

Loren McCullough - WA3WZR

Just finished up the IOTA endorsements, if any more are submitted before June 30, I will try to get to them.  Just a reminder to all that the bottom of your endorsement checker page contains a list of issues with IOTA data in your submitted log.

Red are rejected entries for various reasons, this could be as simple as a formatting error in the entry, or a invalid IOTA.  IOTA format is always xx-nnn (example NA-026) and must be exact or it will be rejected.

Yellow entries are either issues you need to provide us more info on, or they may be reminders to us to manually process the entry, a good example of this is PJ2MI.  We can't automatically process PJ2MI (among others) because the IOTA designator changed due and the QSO dates have to be handled manually.  There are many others that fit this category, but it is always good to verify the data in your log against this listing.

One other reminder, we do not accept QRZ IOTA data on the details page as valid, there must be other information to verify the IOTA info (QRZ bio page info, RSGB IOTA lookup, country of origin, and other sources we check).

Thanks and good luck with all your endorsements.

Loren - WA3WZR

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