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Jerry N9AVY

Perhaps we should add that the Top 3  have been around almost since the beginning of PODXS and have the opportunity to work many, many members over the years. They have earned the right to be at the top by participating in many PODXA contests and working members who have come and gone.
With 2500+ members there will be plenty of opportunities to work more members in future.  The best way to work new members in during the PODXS Contests. Jump in to contests and we'll all help you acclimated.
One of the things which drove up my totals was working as many endorsements as I could...  the  WTW was grueling at first, but I was determined to make as many contacts as possible each day I was home... with typical 10-30 contacts a day and on weekends even more. It was fun !  The stickers made it even more fun when the envelopes arrived !
This is a fun group  and I hope everyone is having fun !
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only 3 above 1000... and steve's way out front!

full stats here:

and here's the snippet from there of the current top 10:

LONP Honor Roll

500 or more credits
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Just saw the Steve,  W3HF ,  has achieved the 1500 level on LONP and that is certainly and noteworthy accomplishment ! That is a high & lofty spot with just a couple members  up there.  Must be lonely up there. so we should all  try to give those guys some competition !
Congrats Steve !  
Jerry  N9AVY    #454

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