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Peter Hiltz


Do you mean 144.150 MHz transmit on or having the radio on 144.150 MHz and transmitting 1.5 KHz up?  I see folks on the lower bands up about 1.5 KHz.

Eldersburg MD USA

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Hi all,
I plan to play a little this weekend.  
Besides being on 10 Meters and 6 Meters, I will also put out a signal on 2-Meter USB.
To my knowledge, no one has ever agreed on a 2-Meter PSK31 SSB operating frequency.
I will operate on 144.150 MHz USB during the event.
I will work on both vertical and horizontal polarization (horizontal preferred). If we get Es, it doesn't matter.

Now that we are in a week of the Summer Solstice, Es are possible any day on 2-Meters around it. Good local enhancement and some good Tropo ducting also occurs.
I did make 200 mile 2-Meter QSOs with limited power back in North Texas (DFW) and 165 mile 2-Meter PropNET catches with 15 watts here in Arizona.

I hope for some activity and luck.
73 Art Jackson KA5DWI/7 070 #2518
2-Meter VUCC #237

Monitoring 146.52 MHz & the CCARC UHF Repeater

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