Re: Anything on 160m lately?

Bill Garwood

Thanks Jerry for the info.  Loop antennas are neat.


I think my Carolina Windom 160 works well with 50 watts on 160 meter PSK31.  I am not aware of any stations calling me that I am not able to copy.  If I were running 1 kW CW or similar, maybe a better receive antenna might make a difference?  I suspect there are not many PSK31 operators on 160 meters.  I did copy R6AV one winter night on 1838 but was not able to get him as he was working EU stations.


I do have a Wellbrook loop mounted on a 4x4 post with a TV rotator that works great on everything from about 50 kHz up through the HF bands.  I use it some on the MW broadcast bands and it will allow me to null strong stations to pull out weak ones.  It is amazing what you can receive with that small antenna.  LF aircraft beacons all over the eastern US and foreign broadcasts from Africa and Europe around 120 kHz.  However, the loop does not receive any stations on 160 meters that my Windom misses as the signal and noise are both weaker on the loop so the s/n ratio is about the same.  I’m thinking of moving the loop to a different spot in the yard to see if that helps by getting it away from some metal objects.  It’s not too far from a propane tank and a greenhouse.


I hope our club members will turn up on 160 this fall and winter in the Great Pumpkin and Triple Play Contests.  Low sunspot numbers should help with Top Band qsos.




Bill N4GBK


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You could try this :



Jerry  N9AVY

160M / 80M Receiving Loop Antenna System - by K7SFN, FRANK J DZIURDA

Amateur radio website by Frank Dziurda, K7SFN



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I am in NC and occasionally try 160 psk31 at 1807.  Have about 20 states and Canada confirmed.  Good for about 500 miles on a good night.  There will be some club activity in contests in fall and winter.  Tstorms here in the southeast make it hard to use until fall.  I have a 160 meter Carolina Windom.  Probably could do better with a separate low noise antenna on receive. 

Happy Radio!  73

Bill N4GBK FM16. #1688

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Just wondered if there's been any activity on 160m lately.  I finally have a compromise antenna that will let me attempt to play on that band but as expected the noise floor is quite high.


Dave, AK7DB




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