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I hear you Dick.  I much prefer DM780 but my group has asked me to teach them digital modes for Field Day and they use N1MM logging, so they need Fldigi.  Talk about the blind leading the blind.  I feel guilty for what I will have a hand in unleashing on the airwaves later this month. ;-)

Thanks for taking time to reply,
73 de Eric, KG6MZS

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Hi Eric,

I had the same problem as you when I changed from DM780 to Fldigi.  It seems to be based on what you are using for rig control.  I could get it to work with Rigcat.  Could never get Flrig to work correctly.  Got everything working and then decided that I like DM780 better and changed back.  

Dick, KC3EF

On 6/5/2017 8:35 PM, Radio radio@... [070] wrote:

Hello All,

I’m trying to teach myself FLdigi after using DM780 for years and a few things have me stumped. I’m trying to get the QSY button to center on about [Frequency]+1500 in the waterfall. That’s where My K3’s 400hz filter centers out at. No matter what I do it jumps to +1000 — about 500z out of my passband. I’ve hit the “Store” button to no avail.

I even resorted to such drastic measures as RTFM. The documentation isn’t very good, IMO. They talk about an “M>” button that I have yet to find.

Any light you guys might be able to shed on this would be appreciated.


73 de Eric, KG6MZS

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