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Good news!  Sure glad that it all worked out for you.
Now you will be able to see my tiny QRP signal like I was running 50W.  Suupa!
All the best.

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We all have our gripes about the health care system, but, really, we do live in amazing times!

I'm so very glad to hear that the procedures were available for you and that your vision has improved.  Impaired vision has a very diminishing effect on quality of life, so I am sure you are very thankful for this outcome.

Thanks for the good report and may things continue to improve for you!


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On Thu, Jun 1, 2017 at 3:14 PM, Jim Innis jinnis@... [070] <070@...> wrote:
If it seems that I have been among the missing both ota and in the group
lately, I have valid reasons.

About a month ago I underwent at vitrectomy (FOV) on my right eye, the
Dr. found some retina damage and repaired it via laser while she was in
It took about two weeks to fully recover from that, in the process they
put an air bubble in your eye (and mine was larger than normal due to
the retina repair). This bubble is distracting and really bothers your
vision. Yesterday I had the same procedure on my left eye, just a
small laser repair on this retina, so bubble is smaller.

I have been bothered with floaters in my eyes for years, and it got to
the point that one would position itself right behind the lens and it
was like looking through vasoline smeared glass until it moved. So, I
finally decided to have the floaters removed. (there are some you-tube
videos of the procedure) via surgery and not using laser.

It was all worth it, the floaters are gone and it is great.

Anyway, I am back now, still have a bubble in the left eye, and it looks
like the xyl smacked me a good one, but with the result would do it all
over again.

Jim, K5SP

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