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Thanks Rick...thats pretty much what I did with HRD too...I'll have some time tonite or tomorrow to get things cleaned up an uploaded...
Brian K9WIS

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Hey John - Glad you are getting out today. I wish you an easy rehab and quick recovery. Keep the WD-40 handy...hi hi!

Jerry - You are right....sucky prop! Terrible decodes. I use HRD and highlight the exchange, right click for the drop down, and copy it to "Rcvd Exch" Well, when I uploaded I got 3 busted QSO's for wrong member number. I'll have to charge it off to poor decode. And it doesn't feel right to go back now and edit the log as I copied what I received. Won't make any difference anyway, as I was way, way down the list. But I had some fun.

Maybe next year will be better. We can hope. Now got to get to work on antennas for the High Band Challenge June 17/18. Never done that one before!

Rick - N7WE
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