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thanks for the heads up Keith..i just need to know how the parse the exchange for the adi file for now..time to sit back and enjoy the warm weather for a few days..
Brian K9WIS

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I would recommend the fldigi program. It has the ability to switch to contest mode. Then all you need to do is click on the exchange and it will fill in the srx that is required.

Hope this helps.
73 de Keith n9vel 0771

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I got few hours in for this was fun..but I do need a decent logging program for it.
I used HRD and logged all my contacts with it, but not sure what the contest scoring program will require when I submit..I pretty much copied the call in the call field but the entire exchange, 'report name number' is in the RCVD exchange field. Do I need to massage my log to seperate the exchange to seperate fields to score properly..I dont want guys to get gipped out of thier bonus points.

I suspect for the next 365 days I'll be working on a logging program for this contest, or at least trying to make a N1mm contest file or sweet talking N3FJP into making one...hi hi..

Had fun...
Brian K9WIS PODXS #970

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