Re: Is WA6I Deaf ?

Brian Wolf Leverich

Thanks, Steve!

That's precisely what was worrying me -- I've lately replaced my venerable
wire with a Hustler 6btv for transmitting, and I could tell by the spotting
networks I was warming fewer clouds and getting more signal out at a distance.

I'm in the process with pairing the 6btv with a two-element phased receiving
array, but I realized as I started using it (got it installed just before the
contest) that it was underperforming the 6btv as a receiving antenna because
of overload from a nearby AM broadcast station.

I hope to fix that next week with a pair of high-pass filters with 1600KHz
cutoffs, but "next week" aint gonna do me any good for this contest ... :(

73s de Wolf WA6I

On Sun, May 28, 2017 at 07:31:03PM +0000, steve@... [070] wrote:

Hey Brian

I've seen you call CQ 30 times here in the northeast this weekend. Of those
30, only 10 were error free where I copied your entire CQ correctly "CQ 070
TDW de WA6I WA6I bonus station CQ k", the other 20 had one or more bit
errors (fldigi logs are a wonderful thing).

I've tried replying to you 12 times, but I'm just not reaching you. I even
bumped TX power up from my normal 25w to 75w hoping to break through, but
there's nothing to bounce off of right now to get to you.

I've got zero west coast Qs this weekend, farthest west I've got is MO. I've
only got 2 Europe contacts, Spain and Czech Republic.

Conditions are suboptimal this weekend, to say the least. I've got 65q's
this weekend, half of what I had last year. I've been able to make only 5
Qs today..

Thanks to all you running bonus stations this weekend, we appreciate the
effort even tho its been very very slow!

/steve - w1hs

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