Re: Is WA6I Deaf ?

Jerry N9AVY

Here in Illinois on 20/40m have been usable ... 80m was for a bit Friday night (Saturday morning  UTC  ). Nothing on 15/10m , although  KZ3T & I  tried 10m  with zero results.
Just a stinky weekend for propagation and am sure the CQ WPX contest was equally poor.
Jerry  n9avy  #454

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Bad condx on east coast.  No EU or SA stations Sunday afternoon.  Usually waterfall is busy.   Only 2 or 3 traces on waterfall.  Traces not clean, look fuzzy.  I think everyone turned off their rigs and are waiting for it to improve or have moved to different band and mode.  Also t storms here in NC.

73. Bill

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You've been heard all over CONUS, plus SK, BC, and AK.


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Hi all -

While the contest is fresh on everyone's mind, I have a question:

WA6I been calling pretty much during all my waking hours, and I'm
getting remarkably few takers. I've got 79 QSOs, but prolly only
60 or so from members.

Are folks hearing my calls and trying to return them, but I'm not
hearing them?

I changed my antennas lately, and I'm a little concerned that I'm
getting out OK but am deaf on receiving.

Thanks and 73s, Wolf WA6I

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