Re: Is WA6I Deaf ?

Jerry N9AVY

Hi Wolf !
Nope,  you're not deaf.  We're at bottom on sunspot cycle and propagation is really crummy.
I've seen your signal many times during contest, but I've already worked  you on those bands.  Thus far , I've made about 80 contacts which is not the great; should've broken over 100 by now. 
I wonder how some of those I've heard calling are going like VA3TPS, KB3RAN, et al  are doing.  From the number of times I've heard them I might guess they are over 100 QSOs.  Many of the usual participants are among the missing as well; just doesn't seem to be that many others around.
Always look at these contests as a means to work stations I haven't worked before on PSK31 and also as chances to work on any endorsements ...   just got my LONP past the 850 mark. 
As the Cubs always said, "there's always next year !"
In the meantime, let's just have fun !  
Jerry  N9AVY  #454 

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Subject: [070] Is WA6I Deaf ?


Hi all -

While the contest is fresh on everyone's mind, I have a question:

WA6I been calling pretty much during all my waking hours, and I'm
getting remarkably few takers. I've got 79 QSOs, but prolly only
60 or so from members.

Are folks hearing my calls and trying to return them, but I'm not
hearing them?

I changed my antennas lately, and I'm a little concerned that I'm
getting out OK but am deaf on receiving.

Thanks and 73s, Wolf WA6I

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